مرحبـا بك عزيزي.........

كم أتمنى أن تتسع صفحات منتدياتنا لقلمك
وما يحمله من عبير مشاعرك ومواضيعك
وآرائك الشخصية
التي سنشاركك الطرح والإبداع فيها
مع خالص دعواي لك بقضاء وقت ممتع ومفيد

*** Awal ma wezzil yefra, ma ykemmal a d-yini kra *** _ *** Anta ttejra ur nesɛi aẓar ***

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english test

text : king and queens

the actual queen of england is elizabeth 2 as everybody knows . she has reigned for several years over great britain , northern ireland and the british commenwealth . she was born in 1926 . her husband was not born in england but in greece . they have got two children : prince charles and prince anne . queen elizabeth 's father was george VI . he died in 1952 . the beautifull place where the royal family always lives in london is called buckingham palace . ( from an english book )

part one : reading comprehension
A-read the text and answer these questions
1-) is england a republic ?
2-) where was the queen's husband born ?
3-) how old is elizabeth ?

B-what do these words refer to in the text
they :
he :

C- lexis
1-) find in the text words that are closest to the meaning of the following :
present =................. named = .................
2-) find in the text words that are opposite to the meaning of the following :
wife = ..................... never =.....................

part two : mastery of ********
A- complete these tag questions
1-) elizabeth 2 has reigned for years .......................?
2-) the royal family doesn't live in the white house ...................?

B- classify these verbs to regular verbs and irregular verbs :
to know - to reign - to live - to tell - to **** - to go

part three : written expression
write the biography of famous person that you know or you have already studied about

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